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Bride and Groom on gravel path.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the venue available during the year? 

We hope to one day have a year round venue site, but as for now, we only rent our venue May through October. 

What are the venue rental times?

May through October



What is the maximum number of guests the venue can accommodate?

Our venue can hold up to 350 guests. 

Can I decorate the night before my event?

Yes, as long as there are no other events the night before your event. 

Is alcohol allowed on site?

We permit beer, wine and liquor.  If you choose to have alcohol at your event, we require that you secure a one-day event insurance policy (Certificate of Liability Insurance for Special Events) to cover yourself from any alcohol-related incidences that may occur at your event.  We only allow our bartender to serve alcohol at your event. For more questions or concerns, contact us. 

Is there parking available?

Yes, field parking is available. 

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